They doubt the light in their eyes
and well the fire in their hearts
that fire holds em from falling
and gives em hope to keep fighting
its the same blood flowing
dreaming about soaring
like angels from star to star
they are the four walking men

one is confused about what he can do
today he is a man and tomorrow a kid
easy to get but hard to get
he is a dark heart with a bright smile

the way other one
is a wasted talent
able to live
driven not by love and not by success
but rather the happiness everybody has had
that happiness he never had

this one is bold
his smile a boards fury
fury from the crying souls
fallen at the battles he fought
he is a walking sign of strength

the last one is the prince
maids and Marigolds his air
he was adopted to be the heir
the lazy one who earns most
the lucky one who is cursed
holds the crown but seems
he never will lead
the four walking men..