Who is Malagala Umar

born in uganda in kampala especially............. ...
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Malagala Umar Poems

  • The Winds Of Change

    The still burns
    Though your foot steps have been blown by wind ...
  • I Can Do Good And Bad

    I found myself unable
    To consume the scallops after reflection ...
  • Strangers In The Hour Glass
    Time like dust on the winds
    There and then it goes
    So are the eyes of those strangers
    As past their lives flow ...
  • Last Poem
    The fortune teller from I can only do good and bad
    with his last fortune cookie
    the only on the right
    telling me to keep loving my self ...
  • Depressed
    please tell somebody today
    that am not ashamed to say
    that am struggling
    am not ashamed to say that am unable to focus ...
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I Love You 7 Love 7 Never 4 Heart 4 Hard 4 Mind 4 Open 4 Strength 3 Universe 3 Peace 3

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Beatrice. (From Dante. Purgatorio, Xxx., Xxxi.)
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Even as the Blessed, at the final summons,
Shall rise up quickened, each one from his grave,
Wearing again the garments of the flesh,
So, upon that celestial chariot,
A hundred rose
ad vocem tanti senis
Ministers and messengers of life eternal.

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