Fear reeling from my mind
As i watched his anger elevated
By just a sound of my voice
Then i knew i had to make a move
Iam a woman and i apologize

He blocked my way
He blew the first punch to my defenseless self
He blew the second punch
Iam a woman and i apologize

I screamed my lungs out like never before
I screamed for help like a goat being slaughtered
I could hear my voice reaching far places
No one came to my rescues
No one cared
Nevertheless iam a woman and iam sorry

I screamed until i gave in to the thought of death
I sacrificed myself because i could not scream anymore
In my mind i welcomed the thoughts of death
I saw my own funeral
I could see my family weep in agony
I could see my family falling apart
Still iam a woman and i apologize

All because of a man
Not just a man but the one i loved
The one i cared for
The one i made a vow to die for
Was literally my killer
What have i done as a woman?
Forgive me....i apologize