Dreams Of Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Thoughts of love were just dreamsA
The word love WS jst agony on its ownB
The sharp object tht penetrates n do harm to my heart was the words I love youC
So bad the words sounds my heart will bleed each time I hear theeD
My heart engulfed with hatred tht I felt I needed to murder loveE
I jst felt I needed to end itF
And somehow I was not the one to die cause even if I didG
Love will find its way to hurt another in a near futureH
The pain so unbearable even labour pains can't be compared to itF
So bad tht i made a promise to my heart never to love againI
And then something got hold of my heartJ
And tht is you my special kindK
You changed my mindsetL
You changed how I used to perceive thingsM
You changed my lifeN
With the you that you areO
A perfect human in an imperfect worldP
A GOD send that was made for me to loveE
My heart I giveth to youC
With my soul and every heart beat I offer to you my loveE
King of my universeQ
Love i have found in youC
Peace and joy I sing un to youC
Never have I Known so much of loveE
Till you embrace me in your armsR
Your warm chest tht keeps me warm in winter seasonsS
Your heart tht emitt endless loveE
For you I will die without regretsT
I Love youC

Maite Lemekwane
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/28/2019


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Ramsay aki muke: Dear can you teach me how to write poetry....i love you

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