Dear God;

Almighty God, I am grateful that I have you in my life.
All I have, even who am I belong to you, bought with the blood of your begotten son, Jesus.
Holy Father, I bring before you all that I have been through during pandemic,
as well as, those loved ones fall ill, lose their jobs, become isolated and worried about the future.
Spending selfishly and giving without self-sacrifice is the world's way of life.
The way of those who call Jesus Christ-their Lord, on the other hand, is one of generosity.
Please help everyone, touch our hearts, help us in increasing our generosity until we can say that no one in our midst is in need.
Help us in becoming trustworthy with such a small amount of money so You may put your trust in us for genuine riches.
Let your holy spirit flows in every one of us in remembering that we are all part of the same community wherein we can share what you have given us so that everyone in need knows they are loved.
Above all, Oh God of grace and gift, open our hearts in being generous as you my Holy Father, are generous. May all of your children show that we are created in your image by making us generous with whatever we can give to others. These are all I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus.