What is love? Amongst so Many definitions of love, I defined it as an affection you have for someone which makes you over look their errors. The question of whether or not love exists has really brought an unending discussion.

Everyone explains or see love from their present or past experience. Someone in a fruitless relationship will tell you love is a fairytale cos he or she has not experienced true love. So to them, love is scam because they perceive it not to be real.

Someone in a fruitful relationship will tell you love is sweet and lovely, because that's all what they perceive. Everyone sees love from the aspect of what they have felt emotionally either past or present. Often times, people tend to give up on Love because they have never felt what it means to love or be loved. A lot of people have lost hope in love because they have never been loved enough in return. Others feel love is not necessary because they think it's all about getting hurt at the end (judging from their past experiences). While there are still few people that truly believe in Love not because they have never been hurt before, but because they believe in the reality and existence of true Love

Well, the truth is and remains that Love is real and real love is true. True love is understanding, you must have the ability to understand your partner, understanding gives you the privilege to have a peaceful relationship.

True love is genuine: it's very pure and sincere. When you truly love someone you won't have any need to lie or hide anything from your partner. True love is natural: you don't force yourself to love, it comes naturally, you just find out that you are madly in love with your partner with little or no stress. You don't need to lie about your personality or anything, he or she will accept you simply just the way you are. True love is appreciative and remorseful: that's where these comes in. There are so many attributes of true love. But I'll mention these two because of time.

In conclusion: true love is not rare: Change your mindset about love, no matter how bad your past relationships is or how bad you've been hurt countlessly you can still find love, because true love genuinely comes to those that believes it exist, no matter how bad they've been hurt in the past.

I pray you find true Love.

Adaora Chidinma