Aphesis' not our faces,
Pheumantikos' such a great cost,
Intentional not detentional,
All has been detailed out.

It couldn't have been just a day;
It all began from the redemption day;
The blue sky, rocky hills and red corridor,
The violence and betrayal,
The sins and temptations;
Spelled it out.

This silent script our very hedge to live;
But howbeit we live then, let's never;
Make the wounded heart bleed more,
A master piece of a history foretold,
Impurity of the later days,
All has been detailed out.

C'mon tell us that we don't deserve it,
The elders we call in need of heavenly signs,
We're not afraid of the trumpet sounds,
The butcher, registry, people, nations;
Gather them all to the temple;
Once the ram is ready for the sacrifice...

Therefore, it's not my will but his,
It's not my script but his,
The Ransom he paid;
Aphesis he gave,
The consequences he dealt with;
By someone who loved us.

We're wondering a lot;
but a few happened,
I'm death Free!
I'm glad;
Death script now off my hands!

Stanley Precious