What a beautiful dust!!,
Well filtered and sieved;
Such beauty that one Lust;
That cannot be resisted or feared.

Stiff as steel
But gentle and calm like the wind;
A harden heart,
Yet her smile none can resist.

An almond skin,
With golden eyes;
Admired by kings,
Melting a sturdy ice.

Skin,soft as a putty,
Glittering like the sunrise;
Perfect dentition,so pretty;
Her smell incredibly nice.

The Potter most be proud,
For molding a beautiful creature;
With the accurate moisture;
And dust from a perfect ground.

Words cannot edify such elegance;
Beauty,inward and outward;
Flamboyancy in appearance,
Causin' my heart to pull triggers.

Vanity upon vanity;
It's from dust to dust.
Letting it get into one's sanity;
Is as terrible as a metal rust...

-Blessing Akpan