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KINGDOM BUSINESS MEN OBJECTIVES Kingdom Business Men (KBM) objectives are as follows: It serves as an eyes opener to the generations; seeing their positive and negative daily investment in their daily activities; thereby encouraging for positive investment; and hope for both earthly and the eternal benefits (Heaven). It makes available of any spiritual material. Particular in: i. Great Lesson write ups: Poems, Books, Quotes, short inspiring stories etc ii. Music iii. Short video presentations. iv. Teaching of the Word v. Sponsors: Any interesting material can be made available through request with the help of the group members. Also, the group is opened for any interested person with like mind to be added via group links. JOIN US NOW! Platforms available: • ...
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  • Death Script
    Aphesis' not our faces,
    Pheumantikos' such a great cost,
    Intentional not detentional,
    All has been detailed out. ...
  • The Beautiful Dust
    What a beautiful dust!!,
    Well filtered and sieved;
    Such beauty that one Lust;
    That cannot be resisted or feared. ...
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Those hands to close these eyes,
That is all I ask, my dear,
From the old man in the skies.

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