I'm walking this road,
My forefathers walked before.
This road that carries invisible footprints,
No rain can ever erase.

The same air I'm breathing,
Has been breathed before.
These old trees grown by the sun have been seen before,
I'm sure.

I'm dazzled to see how many we are,
And how many of us carry these scars.
These weapons of war,
Like we're ready for more.

How the sun never misses to set,
Leaving my yesterday to forget.
How the rain falls to the ground,
And the birds never miss its sound.

How the words cut through like a propeller,
And the heart breaks over a cheeky fella.
How the pain sticks like a magnet,
And a man dies over a wallet.

Today I made an oath,
With a big lump in my throat,
That I will walk this earth,
If the peace of it helps me do the math.