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Julie Rose Hlongoane is a set of twin sisters,born on the 11th of January 1996.Published authors born and bred in Polokwane,Limpopo but currently residing in Cape Town.They write poetry and novels and some of their work include "The Journey " a poem and "Gnaw The Elephant" the novel....
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Julie Rose Hlongoane Poems

  • Something Borrowed
    It is the constant feeling,
    That has got me day-dreaming.
    Out of nowhere you emerged,
    A break for me well-deserved. ...
  • Numbers Game
    Watch Out!
    That glass is broken.
    A million crystal pieces,
    Resembling a trillion shattered promises. ...
  • Bingo!
    The clock just struck lucky hour,
    Now this wine tastes a bit sour,
    But I cannot help but swallow,
    And hope my pride will follow. ...
  • Broken Vows
    Once a serenade,
    Once a clear picture to paint.
    Now it's grenades,
    And plenty of memories that fade. ...
  • Impresario
    You are a face worth praise,
    A rare beauty to trace.
    A superstar that shines,
    And sets the stage alight. ...
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