Kiss a sign of love
Why kiss and kill?
He calls you friend
But you are an enemy within.

He lays down his life for you
In return you stab and dug
a glorious grave for him,
He banks his deepest secrets in you
But your lips leak like a perforated pipe.

True friends withstand the tyranny of time
Romeo and Juliet loved for ages,
Though death smiled peace and diluted
a lasting acrimony.

Make your stand clear
Are you a foe or a friend?
Why the confusion?
Your smile mocks his pains
He confides in you
But you kiss and kill.

The enemy is within
Not all friends are friends
Some are foes in friend’s clothing
Though foes bring out the best in you
Watch your steps,
Trust an expensive virtue.

Humans are fallible
Hearts are cantankerously
woe to evil,
Judas betrayed with a kiss
Why trust humans?
Whose wickedness are tied to cupidity.