Your innocents
filling the emptiness
starving my heart.

Looking to you to
show me love's way
show me how to conquer
my fears, your
gracious thoughts
taking away my earthly
pains that have keep
me from understanding
your reasoning, I can
not go on without you.

Sweet mid-night
kiss a moment in
time where day closes
time's grade opening
night's naked field.

Your willingness to
challenge the grid
giving me an insight
into a future never
lived, my mind looking
to understand your
reincarnated self,
the reason behind
your spiritual beauty.

Knowing I would never
have reached this place
in my life had you not
shown me what could
be create out of union.

I ask you Sparrow to
take me with you when
you leave, so I too may
come to understand how
such a place can exist.

Having known nothing
other than this world of
insanity that has built
it's nest without purpose
or a plan for the future.

I ask you to take me with
you Sparrow to the world
you sing of in your song.