We are still at the garage where life parked us

We couldn’t find petrol to move on the journey
the pigs are still in government & have taken
all the shores & bank & ground of animal Farm

The queue was much at the petrol station &
we couldn’t wait for those who need the fuel more than we do to buy and continue their journey...

the noise, clapping, fighting & cursing are much that was why we decided to park here and watch what would happen next before we move on with life...

Tell Wole Soyinka that we are still at the garage
When Raji, the poet ask of us, direct him where we are

Point to Eriata where he can find us, Poets in Nigeria

We’re still at the garage where situation halt us
But we shall break forth someday to see with

our eyes if we could survive alone on the other side of the road where belonging to a country like ours is not a curse.

© John Chizoba Vincent