The world is on make up like a woman,
Wait till there is war and destruction &
See what really mask the reality of her.
The world is a body of a woman which
Fades gradually as it gives to the earth
offspring whether it is of good or bad.
I have heard men cursed the world,
Even God cursed the earth too in anger.
Why then did He put us here at first?
To perish? To occupy and destroy 'selves?
The last time I thought of these questions
I was reading my torn Bible in a dark room.
I could not find Genesis and Revelations.
I had to cut my fingers into pieces & kept
Them on the ground for my experiments.
The things I kept remembering was that
I ran out of my body & my soul chased
after my spirit & my body, after my spirit.
You see, I don't even know the difference,
You see how I have tormented myself in
Trying to understand the world as a Virgo.
And God created the universe in spoken
words and gave it life to live after him.
And man came to curse the universe &
Gave it torments & leisure of absurdity.
We now wait patiently for a promised
Messiah or his trumpet to sound soonest.
The last offspring that came redeemed
with blood on the cross, we are waiting
for words. Words promised of heaven.
The world is on life support of bad government especially my country home.
The world has no bearing anymore,
We're waiting for the coming Christ, for
The rhema of his spoken lyrics of verses.
If you doubt me, go & ask your father
How much he paid for your mother's dowry.
We are still waiting patiently like we wait
a thief that announced his coming at night.

©John Chizoba Vincent