This was the story we were told over and over
and over until we forgot it was a lie
We’ve learnt the language but we are never those country men!
Here only the family name matters
You have a name so do I
We are a complication of what names of home are
Home will never be our home and never will it be
We will find home far from here while is still time
But where is home,
In our heart; spirit or blood?
It is not easy to get drunk
Everyone will if it were to be easy!
Soon, we’ll be facing north with this philosophical spirit
North started this division in us all
Borno, Ozubulum, Jos and Benue clothed these memories
We started spraying these tales when we could not see
Kainene’ shadow but Kambili told us gently of her miseries
No Chimamanda and daughter could tell us of home
We have home, how happy would we say we are?
Darn a new home for us, our ancestors
Let’s make ourselves a new flag as the ocean groans
To the anthem of a new garment we wear.

© John Chizoba Vincent