Dear mother I thought you will be here forever

Dad passed away, still I thought life will go on as usual

I did not realize how alone you will be

I lost a father but you a lifelong partner

More than I had you, a husband you had was not there

The age made you grumpy and the struggle of life made me empty

A busy life made me take life for granted

Your advices went unheeded, your experience invaluable

Seeing friends and relatives leave this world, still I thought you will always be here, not to know that life takes a turn unexpectedly

In sickness I thought you will get well, unknown to me what tomorrow held

Wishing I had done more, opened up freely, expressed my love without bounds, kissed and hugged you more

I don’t know how to make up, I fear this was the only chance

What remains is a prayer for forgiveness, a prayer of being a family again.