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  • Release
    I had a gin and tonic,
    and another, and another.
    Finally the genie in the bottle got free,
  • Loss Of A Loved One
    Dear friend, I know how it feels, difficult at times, why you or why me,

    Is this the way of the world. Is this what we live for, to cherish what we have only to grieve the loss later.
  • Wishful Thinking
    How I wish i was a rose, for I will bloom and blush when the sun shines bright, and the rain is light

    When I mature, i will be plucked by the giver of gifts, picked in bits to be spread by the proclaimer of love, and be crushed by the smeller of scents
  • After Covid
    What next after the masking of the mouth and nose?

    With the factories and the trucks belching out fumes of smoke, all causing the depletion of the ozone layer and with it comes the cancer of the skin, the loss of vision and all other maladies.
  • The Setting Sun
    I see an orange smile beyond the valley.
    A smooth play of hide and seek between the veil of clouds, finally revealing the face, a star so bright

    A glow so warm, wanting to be embraced and absorbed by the soul ...
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