I was the centre
The point where all our dreams started
And where the true reality originated
The part of me that wanted to keep us
And the whole of me that was to hold us

To our cause I was dedicated
The sense of my being, shook with the pleasure of you
The bible verse; "The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak."
To me that was just a big joke

For my spirit was more than willing
My flesh was fragile at the thought of you
You always got me spinning
My life was well structured for you

That was the start of the fall
I wanted to be everything for you
That I forgot I was entitled to anything
I was to be your queen
That I ignored I was born to reign

I left myself on the path
To be the way you would pass
I stayed up late at night
To watch you dream

It wasn't like I wasn't contented with that way
Or that I felt deprived
It wasn't like you didn't bring joy into my life
Or that you never appreciated me

It was I couldn't be there anymore
It was I couldn't be that anymore
It was I couldn't be yours anymore
It was I couldn't be obscured anymore

I faded
I degraded
I deteriorated
I negated
In short, I fell

And when I fell, we fell
But that won't be too shocking to the world because
Things fall apart…..