Ingeborg Bachmann Time Poems

  • 1.
    Last Easter Jim put on his blue
    Frock cwoat, the vu'st time-vier new;
    Wi' yollow buttons all o' brass,
    That glitter'd in the zun lik' glass;
  • 2.
    In the zunsheen of our zummers
    Wi' the hay time now a-come,
    How busy wer we out a-vield
    Wi' vew a-left at hwome,
  • 3.
    That summer there was no honey.
    The queens led their swarms away,
    the strawberry bed dried up in a day,
    the berrypickers went home early.
  • 4.

    Be silent with me, as all bells are silent!

  • 5.
    If souls should only sheen so bright
    In heaven as in e'thly light,
    An' nothen better wer the cease,
    How comely still, in sheape an' feace,
  • 6.
    Harder days are coming.
    The loan of borrowed time
    will be due on the horizon.
    Soon you must lace up your boots
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