Ingeborg Bachmann Away Poems

  • 1.
    In the zunsheen of our zummers
    Wi' the hay time now a-come,
    How busy wer we out a-vield
    Wi' vew a-left at hwome,
  • 2.
    War is no longer declared,
    only continued. The monstrous
    has become everyday. The hero
    stays away from battle. The weak
  • 3.
    That summer there was no honey.
    The queens led their swarms away,
    the strawberry bed dried up in a day,
    the berrypickers went home early.
  • 4.
    As there I left the road in May,
    And took my way along a ground,
    I found a glade with girls at play,
    By leafy boughs close-hemmed around,
  • 5.
    After this deluge
    I wish to see the dove
    nothing but the dove.
  • 6.

    Be silent with me, as all bells are silent!

  • 7.
    Who knows of a better world should step forward.
    Alone, no longer out of bravery, not wiping away this saliva,
    this saliva worn upon the cheek
    as if to a coronation, as if redeemed, whether at communion
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