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Harry Weldon Kees (February 24, 1914 – July 18, 1955) was an American poet, painter, literary critic, novelist, playwright, jazz pianist, short story writer, and filmmaker. Despite his brief career, he is considered an important mid-twentieth-century poet of the same generation as John Berryman, Elizabeth Bishop, and Robert Lowell. His work has been immensely influential on subsequent generations of poets writing in English and other languages and his collected poems have been included in many anthologies. Harold Bloom lists the publication of Kees's first book The Last Man (1943) as an important event in the chronology of his textbook Modern American Poetry as well as a book worthy of his Western Canon.

LifeBackground: Nebraska and Denver .m...
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Weldon Kees Poems

  • Year's End
    The state cracked where they left your breath
    No longer instrument. Along the shore
    The sand ripped up, and the newer blood
    Streaked like a vein to every monument. ...
  • A Musician's Wife
    Between the visits to the shock ward
    The doctors used to let you play
    On the old upright Baldwin
    Donated by a former patient ...
  • The Party
    The obscene hostess, mincing in the hall,
    Gathers the guests around a crystal ball.
    It is on the whole an exciting moment;
    Mrs. Lefevre stares with her one good eye; ...
  • For My Daughter
    Looking into my daughterâ??s eyes I read
    Beneath the innocence of morning flesh
    Concealed, hintings of death she does not heed.
    Coldest of winds have blown this hair, and mesh ...
  • Girl At Midnight
    Then walk the floor, or twist upon your bed
    While bullets, cold and blind, rush backward from the targetâ??s eye,
    And say, â??I will not dream that dream again. I will not dream
    Of long-spent whispers vanishing down corridors ...
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Sun 11 World 10 Room 10 Long 9 Door 9 Night 9 Death 7 Light 7 Away 7 Time 7

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Comments about Weldon Kees

  • Consertum: morning: blue, cold, and still. eyes that have stared too long stare at the wedge of light at the end of the frozen room where snow on the windowsill, packed and cold as life, winters the sense of wrong january/ weldon kees
  • Tatfs: i'm so glad to see the love for weldon kees. ppl often think of him as just dark/bitter, but he's a (small r) romantic, a satirist, a surrealist, and damn funny too. 'prurient tapers gamboled on our lawns' is a heck of an opening line.
  • Robertf51444327: may i see further by standing on the shoulders of giants the irascible 18 harry weldon kees, untitled 1946 [i see vibrancy in this piece. i like the playfulness of the shapes and the striped sections. because of the familiarity of some shapes i see a face staring back at me]
  • Kulambq: one of the more beautiful poems about january. weldon kees is sadly a much disregarded poet who should be more known and read.
  • Neilserven: finally realized that ted lasso's look evokes that of another midwesterner, the poet/painter weldon kees.
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