Ingeborg Bachmann I Love You Poems

  • 1.
    Do not decree faith on this race,
    stars, ships and smoke are enough;
    it is concerned with things, determines
    stars and mathematical infinity,
  • 2.
    The girt woak tree that's in the dell !
    There's noo tree I do love so well;
    Vor times an' times when I wer young
    I there've a-climb'd, an' there've a-zwung,
  • 3.
    News o' grief had overteaken
    Dark-eyed Fanny, now vorseaken;
    There she zot, wi' breast a-heaven,
    While vrom zide to zide, wi' grieven,
  • 4.
    Used together: seasons, books, a piece of music.
    The keys, teacups, bread basket, sheet and a bed.
    A hope chest of words, of gestures, brought back, used, used up.
    A household order maintained. Said. Done. And always a head was there.
  • 5.

    Be silent with me, as all bells are silent!

  • 6.
    If souls should only sheen so bright
    In heaven as in e'thly light,
    An' nothen better wer the cease,
    How comely still, in sheape an' feace,
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