I took a walk
Among the tombstones
As usual...
My route to the market

But today was no mere day
Fore the spirits had seemed to be live
But in shock I paid attention
To their laughter
Chats, giggles and mocks

But some were crying out loud
Yet I heard them all
Like sibilant whispers
Crying for their squandered lives
Wishing they had not used
Their wisdom lavishly
Without worth

Claiming to have had
Their whole lives figured out
Except that death would come to thwart

In confusion I stood attentively
Fore their whispers
Were their like tentacles in my ears
As they wept
For their shattered dreams
Broken vows
Promises unkept
With all the fortunes
Never got it be spent

I stumbled upon young souls
With battles unfinished
Goals unsettled
Hopes scattered
With mysteries of their own
Deaths unresolved to the living

I paused motionless
Alert with passion
To the murmurs
Of souls with tarnished legacies
Cursing on their bragging foes
Gloating with pride

And I stood there motionless
With caution listening
To the narration of young lives
Fore they died young
With their sanctity so pure
Yet never got to live up to
The great expectations
Of their like bed ones

Fore death brought a
Consternation without deviation
Of their diminished souls
And with their presence supplant
By memories

Thus upon these grounds
They lie like detritus unnoticed
With their second chances
Vitiated by the consequences
Of their sins