I woke up in chains
My limbs tied and my mouth gagged
I woke in stains of victimization
Drowning in my own blood
Gasping for breathe
Grasping to a diminishing reality
Trying to maintain balance
In a spinning world.

I woke up in a wilderness
With vicious claw marks all over
Man-eaters preying after my life
Chased round and round
I woke up in a maze
Am even amazed am still kicking
Harassed and chased
Damn it, I can't breathe.

I woke up in hell
With no way out
My mind chained in darkness
With confusion stuck in my heart
I woke up in pain
Hurting all over
Wounded all over
Until I started thinking
It was all over.

I woke up dead
Religion raised me up
Culture nurtured me
And society killed me again
I woke up a mess
Started from the bottom
Started all over again
From crawling to walking
With a prayer for eternity.

I woke up falling
My body covered in sweat
Screaming out loud
But no one would hear me
I woke up without a soul.