The Mourner Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Yes there are real mourners I have seenA
A fair sad girl mild suffering and sereneA
Attention through the day her duties claim'dB
And to be useful as resign'd she aim'dB
Neatly she dress'd not vainly seem'd t' expectC
Pity for grief or pardon for neglectC
But when her wearied parents sunk to sleepD
She sought her place to meditate and weepD
Then to her mind was all the past display'dE
That faithful memory brings to sorrow's aidE
For then she thought on one regretted youthF
Her tender trust and his unquestion'd truthF
In ev'ry place she wander'd where they'd beenG
And sadly sacred held the parting sceneA
Where last for sea he took his leave that placeH
With double interest would she nightly traceH
For long the courtship was and he would sayI
Each time he sail'd 'This once and then the day 'J
Yet prudence tarried but when last he wentK
He drew from pitying love a full consentK
Happy he sail'd and great the care she tookL
That he could softly sleep and smartly lookL
White was his better linen and his checkM
Was made more trim than any on the deckM
And every comfort men at sea can knowN
Was hers to buy to make and to bestowN
For he to Greenland sail'd and much she toldO
How he should guard against the climate's coldO
Yet saw not danger dangers he'd withstoodP
Nor could she trace the fever in his bloodQ
His messmates smiled at flushings in his cheekR
And he too smiled but seldom would he speakR
For now he found the danger felt the painS
With grievous symptoms he could not explainS
Hope was awaken'd as for home he sail'dT
But quickly sank and never more prevail'dT
He call'd his friend and prefaced with a sighU
A lover's message 'Thomas I must dieU
Would I could see my Sally and could restV
My throbbing temples on her faithful breastV
And gazing go if not this trifle takeW
And say till death I wore it for her sakeW
Yes I must die blow on sweet breeze blow onX
Give me one look before my life be goneY
Oh give me that and let me not despairZ
One last fond look and now repeat the prayer '-
He had his wish had more I will not paintA2
The lovers' meeting she beheld him faintA2
With tender fears she took a nearer viewB2
Her terrors doubling as her hopes withdrewB2
He tried to smile and half succeeding saidC2
'Yes I must die ' and hope for ever fledC2
Still long she nursed him tender thoughts meantimeD2
Were interchanged and hopes and views sublimeD2
To her he came to die and every dayI
She took some portion of the dread awayI
With him she pray'd to him his Bible readC2
Soothed the faint heart and held the aching headC2
She came with smiles the hour of pain to cheerE2
Apart she sigh'd alone she shed the tearZ
Then as if breaking from a cloud she gaveF2
Fresh light and gilt the prospect of the graveF2
One day he lighter seem'd and they forgotG2
The care the dread the anguish of their lotG2
They spoke with cheerfulness and seem'd to thinkH2
Yet said not so 'Perhaps he will not sink '-
A sudden brightness in his look appear'dI2
A sudden vigour in his voice was heardJ2
She had been reading in the book of prayerZ
And led him forth and placed him in his chairZ
Lively he seem'd and spoke of all he knewB2
The friendly many and the favourite fewB2
Nor one that day did he to mind recallK2
But she has treasured and she loves them allK2
When in her way she meets them they appearE2
Peculiar people death has made them dearE2
He named his friend but then his hand she prestV
And fondly whisper'd 'Thou must go to rest '-
'I go ' he said but as he spoke she foundL2
His hand more cold and fluttering was the soundL2
Then gazed affrighten'd but she caught a lastM2
A dying look of love and all was pastM2
She placed a decent stone his grave aboveN2
Neatly engraved an offering of her loveN2
For that she wrought for that forsook her bedC2
Awake alike to duty and the deadC2
She would have grieved had friends presumed to spareZ
The least assistance 'twas her proper careZ
Here will she come and on the grave will sitO2
Folding her arms in long abstracted fitO2
But if observer pass will take her roundL2
And careless seem for she would not be foundL2
Then go again and thus her hour employP2
While visions please her and while woes destroyP2

George Crabbe


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