Tale Iv Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Love will expire the gay the happy dreamB
Will turn to scorn indiff'rence or esteemB
Some favour'd pairs in this exchange are blestC
Nor sigh for raptures in a state of restC
Others ill match'd with minds unpair'd repentD
At once the deed and know no more contentD
From joy to anguish they in haste declineE
And with their fondness their esteem resignE
More luckless still their fate who are the preyF
Of long protracted hope and dull delayF
'Mid plans of bliss the heavy hours pass onG
Till love is withered and till joy is goneH
This gentle flame two youthful hearts possess'dC
The sweet disturber of unenvied restC
The prudent Dinah was the maid belovedI
And the kind Rupert was the swain approvedJ
A wealthy Aunt her gentle niece sustain'dK
He with a father at his desk remain'dK
The youthful couple to their vows sincereL
Thus loved expectant year succeeding yearL
With pleasant views and hopes but not a prospectM
Rupert some comfort in his station sawN
But the poor virgin lived in dread and aweO
Upon her anxious looks the widow smiledP
And bade her wait 'for she was yet a child '-
She for her neighbour had a due respectM
Nor would his son encourage or rejectM
And thus the pair with expectation vainQ
Beheld the seasons change and change againR
Meantime the nymph her tender tales perusedS
Where cruel aunts impatient girls refusedS
While hers though teasing boasted to be kindT
And she resenting to be all resign'dT
The dame was sick and when the youth appliedU
For her consent she groan'd and cough'd andV
Talk'd of departing and again her breathW
Drew hard and cough'd and talk'd again of deathW
'Here may you live my Dinah here the boyX
And you together my estate enjoy '-
Thus to the lovers was her mind expressedC
Till they forbore to urge the fond requestC
Servant and nurse and comforter and friendY
Dinah had still some duty to attendY
But yet their walk when Rupert's evening callZ
Obtain'd an hour made sweet amends for allZ
So long they now each other's thoughts had knownA2
That nothing seem'd exclusively their ownA2
But with the common wish the mutual fearL
They now had travelled to their thirtieth yearL
At length a prospect open'd but alasB2
Long time must yet before the union passB2
Rupert was call'd in other clime t'increaseC2
Another's wealth and toil for future peaceC2
Loth were the lovers but the aunt declaredD2
'Twas fortune's call and they must be prepar'dD2
'You now are young and for this brief delayF
And Dinah's care what I bequeath will payF
All will be yours nay love suppress that sighE2
The kind must suffer and the best must die '-
Then came the cough and strong the signs it gaveF2
Of holding long contention with the graveF2
The lovers parted with a gloomy viewG2
And little comfort but that both were trueG2
He for uncertain duties doom'd to steerL
While hers remain'd too certain and severeL
Letters arrived and Rupert fairly toldH2
'His cares were many and his hopes were coldH2
The view more clouded that was never fairI2
And love alone preserved him from despair '-
In other letters brighter hopes he drewG2
'His friends were kind and he believed them true '-
When the sage widow Dinah's grief descriedH2
She wonder'd much why one so happy sigh'dH2
Then bade her see how her poor aunt sustain'dH2
The ills of life nor murmur'd nor complain'dH2
To vary pleasures from the lady's chestH2
Were drawn the pearly string and tabby vestH2
Beads jewels laces all their value shownA2
With the kind notice 'They will be your own '-
This hope these comforts cherish'd day by dayH2
To Dinah's bosom made a gradual wayH2
Till love of treasure had as large a partH2
As love of Rupert in the virgin's heartH2
Whether it be that tender passions failJ2
From their own nature while the strong prevailJ2
Or whether av'rice like the poison treeK2
Kills all beside it and alone will beK2
Whatever cause prevail'd the pleasure grewG2
In Dinah's soul she loved the hoards to viewG2
With lively joy those comforts she survey'dH2
And love grew languid in the careful maidH2
Now the grave niece partook the widow's caresL2
Look'd to the great and ruled the small affairsL2
Saw clean'd the plate arranged the china showM2
And felt her passion for a shilling growM2
Th' indulgent aunt increased the maid's delightH2
By placing tokens of her wealth in sightH2
She loved the value of her bonds to tellN2
And spake of stocks and how they rose and fellN2
This passion grew and gain'd at length suchO2
That other passions shrank to make it wayH2
Romantic notions now the heart forsookP2
She read but seldom and she changed her bookP2
And for the verses she was wont to sendH2
Short was her prose and she was Rupert's friendH2
Seldom she wrote and then the widow's coughQ2
And constant call excused her breaking offR2
Who now oppressed no longer took the airI2
But sat and dozed upon an easy chairI2
The cautious doctor saw the case was clearL
But judged it best to have companions nearL
They came they reason'd they prescribed atH2
Like honest men they said their hopes were pastH2
Then came a priest 'tis comfort to reflectH2
When all is over there was no neglectH2
And all was over By her husband's bonesS2
The widow rests beneath the sculptured stonesS2
That yet record their fondness and their fameT2
While all they left the virgin's care becameT2
Stock bonds and buildings it disturb'd her restH2
To think what load of troubles she possessedH2
Yet if a trouble she resolved to takeU2
Th' important duty for the donor's sakeU2
She too was heiress to the widow's tasteH2
Her love of hoarding and her dread of wasteH2
Sometimes the past would on her mind intrudeH2
And then a conflict full of care ensuedH2
The thoughts of Rupert on her mind would pressV2
His worth she knew but doubted his successV2
Of old she saw him heedless what the boyX
Forebore to save the man would not enjoyX
Oft had he lost the chance that care would seizeW2
Willing to live but more to live at easeW2
Yet could she not a broken vow defendH2
And Heav'n perhaps might yet enrich her friendH2
Month after month was pass'd and all were spentH2
In quiet comfort and in rich contentH2
Miseries there were and woes the world aroundH2
But these had not her pleasant dwelling foundH2
She knew that mothers grieved and widows weptH2
And she was sorry said her prayers and sleptH2
Thus passed the seasons and to Dinah's boardH2
Gave what the seasons to the rich affordH2
For she indulged nor was her heart so smallZ
That one strong passion should engross it allZ
A love of splendour now with av'rice stroveX2
And oft appeared to be the stronger loveY2
A secret pleasure fill'd the Widow's breastH2
When she reflected on the hoards possess'dH2
But livelier joy inspired th' ambitious MaidH2
When she the purchase of those hoards display'dH2
In small but splendid room she loved to seeK2
That all was placed in view and harmonyK2
There as with eager glance she look'd aroundH2
She much delight in every object foundH2
While books devout were near her to destroyX
Should it arise an overflow of joyX
Within that fair apartment guests might seeK2
The comforts cull'd for wealth by vanityK2
Around the room an Indian paper blazedH2
With lively tint and figures boldly raisedH2
Silky and soft upon the floor belowM2
Th' elastic carpet rose with crimson glowM2
All things around implied both cost and careI2
What met the eye was elegant or rareI2
Some curious trifles round the room were laidH2
By hope presented to the wealthy MaidH2
Within a costly case of varnish'd woodH2
In level rows her polish'd volumes stoodH2
Shown as a favour to a chosen fewG2
To prove what beauty for a book could doG2
A silver urn with curious work was fraughtH2
A silver lamp from Grecian pattern wroughtH2
Above her head all gorgeous to beholdH2
A time piece stood on feet of burnish'd goldH2
A stag's head crest adorn'dH2

George Crabbe


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