The Secret Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


She sought to breathe one word but vainlyA
Too many listeners were nighB
And yet my timid glance read plainlyA
The language of her speaking eyeB
Thy silent glades my footstep pressesC
Thou fair and leaf embosomed groveD
Conceal within thy green recessesC
From mortal eye our sacred loveE
Afar with strange discordant noisesF
The busy day is echoingG
And 'mid the hollow hum of voicesC
I hear the heavy hammer ringG
'Tis thus that man with toil ne'er endingG
Extorts from heaven his daily breadH
Yet oft unseen the Gods are sendingG
The gifts of fortune on his headH
Oh let mankind discover neverI
How true love fills with bliss our heartsJ
They would but crush our joy foreverI
For joy to them no glow impartsJ
Thou ne'er wilt from the world obtain itK
'Tis never captured save as preyL
Thou needs must strain each nerve to gain itK
E'er envy dark asserts her swayL
The hours of night and stillness lovingG
It comes upon us silentlyA
Away with hasty footstep movingG
Soon as it sees a treacherous eyeB
Thou gentle stream soft circlets weavingG
A watery barrier cast aroundM
And with thy waves in anger heavingG
Guard from each foe this holy groundM

Friedrich Schiller


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