This morning a cool moment
On the cold snow
I saw a crowd of people
With hoes in their hands
With panga and axes

Going to work
On the cold snow,
I wondered, their light clothes
Can it be safe?
To carry them along

They worked and toiled
On the empty fields
Where crops had withered
In hope, they worked
I wish they could have known
How vanity they worked
For the crops couldn't sprout

At noon, they left
To demand their reward
Four hours they waited
To long for payment
For work, well done
It wasn't fortunate
The owner couldn't be seen
The much they worked, nobody could pay
Nobody told them to cultivate
They did, because of company
Because one had tried
For just a joke

They hit the man
He who started the work
As much he cried, they couldn't forgive
A loud he said, "your reward is my death "
Alas! The guys left, having killed the man
It couldn't count, the whole double hard work they had done.