I wish to know
When death will come
I will plan it well
And face the grave
To rest off the world, from sorrow and stress

That day I pray
Oh! May it come at noon
To friends and loved ones
I will utterr some words
That be my farewell, till we meet again

I will sing and praise
The songs be of sorrow and joy
"Shall we gather at the river"
That be my song
I will sing aloud and march beyond the shores

I will cry and repent
The evil and sins had done
My wish be one
Among the chosen few
To march the streets of gold
Where death cannot be seen

In the streets of gold
I will stretch my soul, to relax the pains of sin
I will pass beyond the gates, to greet the son
I will praise the name, from day and time
If prizes will be, I will offer my life.