I saw you laughing
Your face smiling
Your hands clapping
Your legs jumping
Up and down you wandered here and there

Why, please tell me
My heart is lacking
To know your state
Tell me, I gonna give you a gift
Or reveal the long awaiting secret

You seem hardened
To say about it, but I heard somebody saying
That you had a dream
Yes, a good dream
Does it make you happy

Acquiring a good house
Buying a good car
Traveling abroad now and then
Eating a good meal
What is making you anxious?

Say It to be heard
Nobody will hurt
Just say, I gonna give you a secret
How life has been altered
How life has become short
How the world has lost value
How life has become doom
Yes, doom without Christ

Now listen, listen carefully
In a dream, i saw people wailing
For their lost property
The rich and the poor
Both were griefing,
but the rich cried, until their tears turned blood

Among the mourners
I saw people laughing
Now, I know why you laughed
Because you lost nothing
For in Christ you saved your treasure

A time is coming
When mourners will gather
To console one another
Those are who, that laugh now
Happy arv the believers, whose trust in Christ
Those who laugh for they know Christ.