Young brother, and my little sister
What do you need in life?
Something other than joy
Say It in whole
We never know of tommrow

Do all, where you can
Yes, do it, before the day ends
Look now! the times have been ruined
Some seasons have been maimed
We find no limit, to seal the words.
All because, the time is soon

Like a flower, it shines far
When the sun rises
But check, when the sun sets
Oh! Where is its beautiful shape
It withers off

Work, when the body is strong
Help your friends and elders along
Learn, to imitate all that please
Avoid gossips, avoid rumors
Teach all, moral values and integrity

Do not count, all well done
Do not write any that didn't please you
In all forgive, for wrong done
It is when you will say, that you lived your life
Avoid hatred, for tomorrow is "darkness ".