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  • A Letter To My Sister
    My sister
    Live a life of pleasure
    Rejoice and enjoy your life
    Rejoice because you have time ...
  • It Is Just A Dream
    It is dark, no light no hope
    In the inner room, it is more dark than the outer room
    I walk from one corner to another, In the outer room
    But I can't get a lamp ...
  • The Devil You Call A Friend
    Rise up!
    You people of the nations
    Make a cry, like a labouring woman
    For time is short and the devil is hungry ...
  • Safe From The Trap
    Listen to this living story
    How I had to overcome
    That melancholic terror
    The one that caused melalgia ...
  • My City People
    You city people
    Why are you weeping
    Why are your children helpless
    Tell us, the problem about it ...
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Francis omariba : Francis Omariba is a poet and motivational speaker. He writes poems in English and Swahili language.

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