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  • Forgive,forget
    Learn to forgive
    And have to forget
    It won't hurt
    Forgiving hundred times ...
  • The Morning Sun
    I like the morning sun
    It is just a blessing
    The warmth in it
    It heals the sick ...
  • Where At Midnight
    Tell me where you were coming from
    That Sunday night, you were screaming in the streets
    Were you drank
    Kindly be frank ...
  • Where Is Our Love
    Where are you my amorce
    Where are you hiding on earth
    I saw you one time on the surface
    But now you are missing ...
  • There Is A Country
    Far and far
    There is a beautiful country
    Yes ,it existed a century
    On foot you can't ...
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Albanus mutiso: Great work brother
Francis omariba : Francis Omariba is a poet and motivational speaker. He writes poems in English and Swahili language.

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