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  • The Child Is Lame
    Bright luminous morning!
    Everyone is rejoicing
    Singing, dancing and jumping
    There's joy ...
  • Feeling Worth
    A good life you planned
    It has turned a dream
    Your career has fallen short
    No interest in life again ...
  • Remember How Far
    Angelina, where are you my love?
    It is past seven moons
    I haven't heard your whereof
    Your parents lied to me ! ...
  • Dear Kwamboka
    My beloved Kwamboka
    You are like a lamp in my heart
    I feel warm like a worker
    Whose produce is plenty ...
  • Sinking Down
    The sun is sinking deep the east
    Nevertheless not in my heart
    There's light in the chambers
    What a joyful moment ...
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Walter Nyabwari: Nyc work brother
Albanus mutiso: Great work brother
Francis omariba : Francis Omariba is a poet and motivational speaker. He writes poems in English and Swahili language.

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