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  • Warm Love
    Like the morning dew on the grass
    Glitters like a rose flower
    Your scent is more sweet than perfumed dress
    Your beautiful face drifts my power ...
  • Whatsoever Dark It Be
    Angelina Makasi
    Why are you far apart?
    Can't you come close
    Whatsoever life be dark ...
  • Come My Love
    Angelina Makasi
    Please come closer
    Do not be such harsh
    Remember how much I treasure ...
  • Do Not Hurt Dear
    Angela my beloved creature on earth
    Why are you hurting me ?
    Where's my fault
    Say it , though bad may seem ...
  • My Close Friends Are Gone
    Those I thought are good
    Their color is almost fading
    They have gone far beyond
    Whatsoever my mind be thinking ...
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Walter Nyabwari: Nyc work brother
Albanus mutiso: Great work brother
Francis omariba : Francis Omariba is a poet and motivational speaker. He writes poems in English and Swahili language.

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