Was Robert Gabriel Mugabe the black twentieth century Angel Gabriel?
news of the birth of Zimbabwe,
was brought by Mugabe Gabriel,

or maybe was he the twentieth century king Mzilikazi,
who united different people,
and tribes to make one people?

maybe he was just a Zimbabwean version of a Moses,
taking the land from the hands of imperialists racists,to the masses,

Who was Robert Gabriel Mugabe?
Was he a twentieth century black Angel Gabriel?
If he was white,would he have fought for the blacks?

Who was his wife?
And who was his friend?
And what happened to his life?
Did it come to an end?

If Enos Nkala and the sixth brigade were 'okay,'
would the gukurahundi operation have occured?

Who was Gabriel Mugabe?
Was he a dictator or detactor?
Was he a president or a resident in the state house with someone running the show behind the scenes