Drought! Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Yet I remember youA
And Your piercing wordsB
Words that shake my soulC
Words that Disintegrate my beingD
Words that hurt my egoE
But Yet I love you yarF
Don't ever ask me how muchG
Because I can't argueA
No argumentsH
No logicI
Just love you to the fullestJ
Though keep no idea whyK
So plz don't bother me with your HowL
You hAve a drouht within you BabaM
A drought of feelingsN
Were all you said in angerF
I smiled in returnO
An artificial smileP
Smile from the bruised egoE
Yeah I Am infertileQ
And I have a drought within meR
You were rightS
A drought of feelings and emotionsT
Do you ever remember your wordsB
Words that took my sleep awayU
Sleep of several nightsV
If slept everF
Were lost in your wordsB
And in the logic behind themW
You leftX
But your philosophies yet existY
The drought you told me aboutZ
Yet exists within meR
I exist drought ExistsA2
We exist simultaneouslyR

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