Yet I remember you!
And Your piercing words,
Words that shake my soul,
Words that Disintegrate my being,
Words that hurt my ego,
But Yet love-you/">I love you yar,
Don't ever ask me how much,
Because I can't argue,
No arguments!
No logic!
Just love you to the fullest
Though keep no idea why ?
So plz don't bother me with your " How"

" You hAve a drouht within you Baba,
A drought of feelings. "
Were all you said in anger,
I smiled in return,
An artificial smile,
Smile from the bruised ego,

Yeah I Am infertile!
And I have a drought within me,
You were right,
A drought of feelings and emotions,
Do you ever remember your words ?
Words that took my sleep away,
Sleep of several nights,
If slept ever,
Were lost in your words,
And in the logic behind them,

You left,
But your philosophies yet exist,
The drought you told me about,
Yet exists within me,
I exist, drought Exists
We exist simultaneously,