It's a sorry from my heart to you,
i tried my best but could never be a part of you.
it all started well,
we knew each other as well,
soon we became friends but this wasn't enough for me
i wanted this relationship to extend.

but things went wrong,i made a wrong choice
i made a big mistake,and now i wish
if only i could rewind everything for "GOD SAKE".

My heart was suffering from drought and
looked like it finally received some rain.
I didn't feel any pain as after suffering through so much
i was happy again.

But i know summer never lasts forever
i wanted it to get over.
i expressed her my feelings
thought it would be a healing.

She was happy from somewhere inside
but didn't wanted to show it outside
she too had some feelings for me
which i could see in her eyes.

But then everything that shines is not gold
i realized that for her my love was too old.

Loving can hurt sometimes and now
i am scared to love every time.

slowly-slowly day by day
i realized how she played,
played with my feelings,played with my heart
she tore it all apart.
My trust was broken and it was never awoken.

But still i say sorry from my heart to you
i tried my best but could never be a part of you.