My emotions are hard to handle
cause now i am burning like a candle.
I showed you light even in the darkest turn
but i never asked something in return.

I always showed you light in your darkest time
cause i always treated you as my own,as mine.

Devil wonders how i know my way around hell
it is beacause darkness is what i know very well.

don't worry cause i'll burn like a candle,
so you can handle,not me but your emotions cause for me they are my precious tokens.

I hate it when you cry, i hate when you are sad,
it makes feel depressed, it makes me feel so mad.

That's why i'll burn like a candle,
i'll give you a little light,i'll be with you till the end
i'll be with you in your every fight.

The wounds you will get,the pain you will feel,
i'll be by your side and make them all heal.

For you it looks easy but for me it's harder,
i burn like a candle and every day my life gets shorter.
i am burning everyday but i want you to complete the journey of your life.

But now i am getting shorter,
don't you notice the light is fading away?

Sorry! i couldn't keep up with you till the end,
couldn't guide you to the brightness anymore
only if i were stronger i could've take you to the shore.

But still my emotions are hard to handle
cause throughout my life only for you,"i burnt like a candle".