There Came A Day At Summer's Full Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


There came a Day at Summer's fullB
Entirely for me mdashC
I thought that such were for the SaintsD
Where Resurrections mdash be mdashC
The Sun as common went abroadE
The flowers accustomed blewF
As if no soul the solstice passedG
That maketh all things new mdashC
The time was scarce profaned by speech mdashC
The symbol of a wordH
Was needless as at SacramentI
The Wardrobe mdash of our Lord mdashC
Each was to each The Sealed ChurchC
Permitted to commune this mdash time mdashC
Lest we too awkward showC
At Supper of the LambJ
The Hours slid fast mdash as Hours willK
Clutched tight by greedy hands mdashC
So faces on two Decks look backL
Bound to opposing lands mdashC
And so when all the time had leakedM
Without external soundN
Each bound the Other's Crucifix mdashC
We gave no other Bond mdashC
Sufficient troth that we shall rise mdashC
Deposed mdash at length the Grave mdashC
To that new MarriageO
Justified mdash through Calvaries of Love mdashC

Emily Dickinson


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