My Life Had Stood Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My life had stood a Loaded GunA
In Corners till a DayB
The Owner passed identifiedC
And carried Me awayB
And now We roam in Sovereign WoodsD
And now We hunt the DoeE
And every time I speak for HimF
The Mountains straight replyG
And do I smile such cordial lightH
Upon the Valley glowE
It is as a Vesuvian faceI
Had let its pleasure throughJ
And when at Night Our good Day doneA
I guard My Master's HeadK
'Tis better than the Eider Duck'sL
Deep Pillow to have sharedM
To foe of His I'm deadly foeE
None stir the second timeN
On whom I lay a Yellow EyeG
Or an emphatic ThumbO
Though I than He may longer liveP
He longer must than IG
For I have but the power to killQ
Without the power to dieG

Emily Dickinson


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