the railroad track,
Or a big boat ride, which he often does,
Oh, I 'm orful glad when he's back becoz
Jes' as soon as he's kissed my ma an' me
He laffs, an' says: 'Come along an' see
The wonderful things in my old black grip,
The things I got on my little trip.'

Nen he puts his grip on a parlor chair,
An' he says to me: 'Now stand right there
An' we'll jes' see what is inside o' this,
But first we'll all have another kiss.'
Nen he opens his grip, an' it's jes' crammed tight
With toys an' things. Oh, I wish you might
Be there some day when my Pa gets back
To see the things in his old grip sack.

There's allus a doll for his little girl,
Which is me - a doll with a yellow curl:
An' the very last time that he went away
I really couldn't begin to say
All the wonderful things that he brought to me
Coz I 'd been good, as I said I 'd be;
I 'm sure that I couldn't tell them all,
But one was a new pink parasol.

An' he brought me some books an' some candy, too,
An' anuvver dolly all dressed in blue,
An' a broom jes' made for a girl like me,
An' the nicest hair ribbons ever you see,
An' a spade an' a rake to dig in sand,
An' some dishes my Ma says are Heavyland;
I cry when my Pa goes away, but when
He gets back home I am glad again.