DIAMONDS wouldn't tell yer all I really think of you,
The costliest gift the goldsmith makes I'm sure would never do.
There's nothing known that gold can buy that I could ever send
That could explain how glad I am to have yer fer a friend.

If I had all the wealth of earth and what I like could get
And I should send it on to you, I'd still be in your debt,
And still the heart o' me would cry: 'That ain't enough t' do
Fer one whose smiles an' kindly words have meant so much t' you.'

It's Christmas time, an' here I am, a-wishin' all that's good
Fer you an' yours. A patch o' blue above your neighborhood,
The bloom o' health forever on the cheeks o' those you love,
An' future years t' bring the joys that now you're dreamin' of.

'God bless yer!' That expresses it in simple words an' true,
It's what the heart o' me would say if it could speak t' you.
May every day be Christmas Day until your journey's end,
Is jus' the simple wish of one who's glad you call him friend.