In Mars, What Avatar? Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


In Vishnu land what avatarA
Perchance the dying gods of EarthC
Are destined to another birthC
And worn out creeds regain their worthC
In the kindly air of other starsD
What lords of life and light hold swayE
In the myriad worlds of the Milky WayE
What avatars in MarsD
What Aphrodites from the seasF
That lap the plunging PleiadesF
Arise to spread afarA
The dream that was the soul of GreeceG
In Mars what avatarA
Which hundred moons are wan with loveH
For dull EndymionsG
Which hundred moons hang tranced aboveH
Audacious AjalonsG
What Holy Grail lures errants paleI
Through the wastes of yonder starA
What fables sway the Milky WayE
In Mars what avatarA
When morning skims with crimson wingsG
Across the meres of MercuryJ
What dreaming Memnon wakes and singsG
Of miracles on MercuryJ
What Christs what avatarsG
Claim MarsG

Don Marquis


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melody: well i really liked the poem but it was not what i was looking for

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