I hear you cry about a million bugs we spent on drugs in a day
And that the drugs could not in fact be more than a thousand bob by the way
I hear you cry about our opaqueness in the way we bank your taxes
And that we paid five hundred more wagers tonight in a club
Five hundred more than we indeed have employed
I feel your bile brother, and worry about your sense sisters
But, don't you know it's my time to eat
Our time to fart?

You cry about the inflated vote-head allocation
Remember every vote,every head in the poll had a cost,see your contradiction?
Why whine about my wallet's wit with whine?
Your craft on the bills before
Sunk us a billion by four
The treasure is,the treasury
It's my time to eat,our time to fart

While at it with glee applaud
Services serious our lips laud
Kickbacks with ease uphold
Back passes,why not to hold?
It's my time to eat,our time to fart

Next election is nigh at hand
Tenders and contracts sealed underhand
Millions must source beforehand
Dazzle them with fancy projects
With phony objects
My time to eat, our time to fart

How much did your vote cost
Your outstretched palms even in frost
Did you think I was lost
My all to toss to a thankless host?
It's my time to eat,our time to fart.

If you hear there are drugs in the chemist
And no fuel in the ambulance
If it's true the tarmac you did yesternight is tattered
When the farmers no longer fill the granaries
And civil service is patiently penniless
It's my time to eat, our time to fart

How smells the fart?
Is it aromatic or stinky?
Odourless or scented?
I guess it smells,smile ,
sweet as the source it stems from.