A faint glimmer,a distant din
A silhouette seen from my safety
Is all,all the form I find of you

Days drag,drugging me into docility
Your radiance rendered dark
You are stuck in the quarantine mire

We washed hands until they washed us
We kept distance till like
Cornrows we looked

Now we wear the mask
We hide our lip-glossed lips
Hide our nauseated nostrils
We're wearing masks
Hiding ourselves!

How's the quarantine camp!
We hear you're peopled!
Unlike us you're packed like grains
Inmates escape, when do we expect you?

We've refused to surrender
The virus will not us put asunder
So we wear the mask, faithfully
We wash,we distance...

Ask them not to wear masks
Genuine masks we ask
Overpriced sanitizers...
Supply of essentials...
Let them sanitise the camp

A fragrance present of you
A smile unfiltered
A person free of the virus
Is the one we see