For this scar on my forehead
This dent in my dental spread
This crack on my skull
These charred but chained ankles
Forgive me

For the lacerations in my lymph
The sorry sores on my skin
The leak that is my brain
Whitewashed, brainwashed,brain-drained
Forgive me.

For the five hundred years of your toil
Which upon my labour your loss and spoil
For the depleted homes hollowed by my enslavement
For soiling your sailship sick journeying the middle passage
Forgive me.

For the colored we down south
For abandoning masah and missus
Bolting out of your planned tension, plantation
For negroing your fairness and afroemancipation
For civil rights and greatness
For Harlem our harem
Forgive me.

For dining in the main house
While you whine in the outhouse
For dancing in the powerhouse
While you will me in the coca-house
Forgive me.

For clustered and cloistered me back in fraternity-less Africa
For debt and doubt and disease, distance
For opening up to your rival
For a rush look at Russia
and an easy squint East
For an introspective and retrospective
Peek in BRICS
For a deep gaze in my own eye blacks instead of your blondes and blues
Forgive me.

For your eager ego
Your sick solution
Your despicable dream
Your centuries scorn
Our billion blacks
blackening seabeds
Forgive me.

For gnawing at your guilt
Clobbering at your conscience
For scourging your sacred soul
Which a sacrilege it was in sedating me in service for your satiety and safety
For my voice
My reason
My freedom
My action