The wax to wall your wealth
Or insulate your belly from hunger bites
Sprout in sleep and in sight
Lulling effect some have
Calmness convenes those bright
Listlessness lures nightmares
Some are visions others worries
Are they all valid?

Some are fulfilled yet others reviled
Some secret others social
Many hopes some fancies
Dreams derive their life from our lives.

To dream is to be alive
Is it a nightmare? When morning comes borrow a mare to run to life.
Is it a vision that needs fusion with other notions? In motion with passion and in union with companions set the dream.

Dreams are streams sprinkling our souls
Individual insights collective streams
Hughes' deferred dreams popped up in King's and sprouted in Obama's...
Lupita's valid dreams
Humanity's hope.

What, haven't you dreamt?