I am making myself light
When the virus comes calling
I shall be fast in flight
A mockery will I make of its foreboding
As thunderstruck and bright
Will Corona be in mourning
How am I doing it?

Nimo's memory I'm flashing
A night out at the beach resort
And diamonds incurring
Is too heavy to be my cohort
When the malady comes buzzing

#Holiday tings!
Is an emblem recently of honour
But fast has it become a badge of things
I would gladly be parted with
So my dear Chepchumba
I never had a holiday with you
Down in Kerio Valley!

Adhiambo my fish
The dance by the shores
Of the great Lake
The bumpy boat rides
The nightly Nirvanas
All these
Plus the delicious ngege
Mbuta and Osuga
Covid-19 should find no record
On which to find fault
I should be a kilo lighter now

You my border jumper
Across Sofia in Busia
"Wanji Ssebo " you cry
Omudigida guli munda
Happiness is in the stomach
But the virus bids me bid you bye
Even if you kneel
And ''Ewe Museveni
Ewe Obama,oli Mussaja nnyo
I'm fleeing
I'm offloading my burdens
Corona must reach Eldoret
When past the Nile
I will be

Beautiful Chelimo
Of the Elgon slopes
Say not a word
Of our convention
By the streets of Lwakhakha

And you man
If ever a smoke of ganja
I shared
And a few steps of reggae
I did
Say none of these
I never
Will never
Be caught by Corona
Because of your "CORONIC" memories.