Success is not always something which is structured,
It may come out of the blue unstructured,
It often flies off track like a bird about to be captured.
Seldom comes as a full package without suffering,
Usually it requires worrying and working.

One may swim in its fantasy,
Before rarely enjoying a bit of it’s ecstasy.
Deeming success comes with a lot of strife,
For life presents on a plate,
A dilemma of unbearable situations .
It’s just like marrying an unloving wife,
Your mysterious mysteries gradually unfold,
Your happiness gets lost,
Your secrets are no longer found in their folds.

Success is a spirit,
A kind of spirit that is not easily predicted out
Yet it can be planned and worked out
Just imagine Joseph a prisoner becoming a minister though a foreigner,
Compare the stories of all great and successful people
Life strengthens them even if they’re feeble.

If there’s anything to hold on to, let it be you being hopeful in all things.
Believe in your dreams come true and wish for a positive response in everything.
Taking along some strength, for life challenges can be very stressful.
Be Successful I say’ but in your quest to be successful don’t forget to be careful,
For succeeding in all endeavour without honour and respect from others is disgraceful,
Note that your success story to others will never be meaningful,
Keeping your plans to yourself seems rather helpful
And know that with God in your vessel, you will have a mouthful of success story to tell in full.
So in all your doings, just be successful.