It's raining, it's quiet, only i can hear the rain,
Freshness of air is invading my breath,
The echo of drops falling, the purity of the sky,
It's giving me peace and relieves my pain.

Sky get open and crying,
Its tears are falling down to us,
To caress our faces with its drops,
To embrace our hearts with the mistery of life.

I want to embrace the rain,
And feel the drops falling on my face,
I want the rain to wash away my sorrows,
And let my fears run away.

Don't be afraid of rain, we are just two souls dancing,
Dance with me following the rhithm of rain,
Let the rain to make our love magic,
Let life to flow in its misterious way.

I am listening the rain and enjoy its greatness,
I want to catch every dropp of rain,
I want to dance with you in this magic landscape,
I want to live and relive this moment again and again.

Enjoy life, live fully every moment you can,
Do not waste those exciting moments,
Come with me and let's dance,
Life is a dance in the rain.